Gütermann Miniking - 1000 m - 156

Gütermann Miniking - 1000 m - 156
kr 67,00


Universal sytråd for alle husholdning og overlock maskiner. For overlock og sikkerhetssømmer.
Ideell for fine materialer.
Anbefalt nål: NM 60 - 80.

Gütermann creativ Miniking universal thread in No. 120 thickness is ideally suitable for all seams and serging. The high-quality Miniking spool guarantees precision operation on all sewing and overlock machines.

Universal sewing thread for all household and overlock machines. For lock and step seams.  For overlock and safety seams. Ideal for fine materials.
Recommended needle and needle size: Universal Needle NM 60 - 80