KnitPro utskiftbar rundpinne - 3,5 mm

KnitPro utskiftbar rundpinne - 3,5 mm
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Prym KnitPro utskiftbare rundpinner er fantastisk å strikke med. Materialet er tre, og føles ikke like harde for hendene som metallpinner. Tre er ikke like glatt som metall, og maskene sklir derfor ikke så lett av pinnen.

Merk at pinnetuppene har to lenger:  11,6 cm for vaier til 60 - 150 cm,   og korte på 8,7 cm for vaier til 40 cm

*Durable knitting needle points
*Natural Coloured varnished wood with an extremely smooth, robust surface
*Seamless connection of needle points and cord

The knitting needle points Natural convince with their beautiful, coloured varnished wood with an extremely smooth surface. The needles are exceptionally robust and durable. Even with slippery yarns like angora or mohair the stitches slide effortlessly over the needles. With the perfectly shaped points the insertion of the needle is child’s play. In combination with the cords for Natural knitting needles, users benefit from a seamless connection of knitting needle point and cord. Perfect to knit necklines, sleeves or cuffs! The needle points are available in various lengths and needle gauges. One pack contains 2 needle points.